Cutting Fat – Adding More Cardio – HIIT

As of now – and for the past 6 months – I have not lost any weight or any body fat. I’ve definitely put on more muscle, but not losing body fat is really hard to deal with.I am finally getting my diet under (mostly) full control. This coming Monday, I will be doing a 3 day, homemade, veggie juice cleanse to push a “restart” on my body and food intake – as written by Ashley Horner. If you don’t know who she is, she is well known in the fitness community and is an all original American bada**. Absolutely, my #1 role-model (I’ve never actually had anyone to look up to before).You can find her on and her website Again – she is positively an amazing person, for tons of different reasons (look her up or possibly sometime later I’ll write more about her). Anyway, doing the cleanse the beginning of this coming week.

Another plan for cutting fat – I will be beginning HIIT training in the mornings (along with my regular workouts after work). This is a workout routine written by Ashley Horner called Momentum (can be found in her programs on her website).It should be about 30-40 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training, which is a fantastic and much more exciting alternative to regular cardio.I plan to be starting HIIT training this coming week as well, though may have to wait until the cleanse is over.


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