Week 1, 2…3!

Currently, I am in week 3 of Bodybuilding.com’s 12 week #250kchallenge to transform my body. Week 1 I did fantastic – hit 5 days at the gym with the perfect diet all week. Then, I went on a trip that weekend and it all went to blah. Only had a couple days in town during … More Week 1, 2…3!

In the beginning…

Fitness has been around for centuries and for each of us as individuals, we have various levels, ideas, and knowledge about what fitness is. The definition of fitness is as follows: fit·ness noun the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Some of us have been following fitness for years and for others this is brand new. … More In the beginning…

Week 1 (12 Week Challenge – #250kchallenge)

Week 1 of the Bodybuilding.com’s 12 week #250kchallenge – I just wanted to post the incredibly embarrassing photos of my beginning of the challenge. Even better being January 1, 2017. Here’s to hoping for a great change that will make posting these pictures worth it. For this challenge and for the new year. I know … More Week 1 (12 Week Challenge – #250kchallenge)

Many things to come

This will be my journal for the fitness journey to come! Please stay tuned… I will be using this database to hold myself accountable – PUBLICLY -to all that I have planned for myself and the goals that I am aiming to achieve in my personal fitness world. I will be updating this information periodically, … More Many things to come