Fail to plan, Plan to fail

This is something I’ve been considering a lot lately. “If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail.” As mentioned in a previous post, I have tried many different ways to get fit. There were even times where I thought I had a pretty clear plan to work with. Completely wrong. Farthest I made it was 5 weeks on my last venture and my train completely derailed over one little thing that wasn’t in my “plan”.

I have come to learn – very well – that goals need to be divided into smaller goals that lead up to your ultimate goal.Thus, your plan needs to map out each of those mini goals all the way up to reaching your ultimate goal.Another thing to keep in mind, you must always visualize your results and your end goal. Visualize the feelings you’ll have, your mental thoughts, and your physical being. No matter your goal, always visualize it in reality. Our minds are much stronger than we could ever know. The more you dwell on something, the more and more likely it’s to become reality, No matter what it is.

Here is where I’m going to completely lay out my goals and plans to reach them.

Goal Term at this point: 9 weeks (Final is April 3, 2017)

Ultimate Goal: *Fitness Model Physique*

Requirements of the ultimate goal: Strict meal planning, diligent workout regimens

Looking something like this…(I do not expect this at 9 weeks. You must always stay realistic. I’d like to be within the body fat percentage of 15% (I am at 25% now) and however much muscle tone I can achieve by then.)


Mini Goals (that lead to Ultimate Goal):

  1. My stomach no longer sticks out after meals
  2. Only one cheat meal a week (or less), after first 3 weeks of no cheats
  3. No drinking during first 3 weeks, then only 1 drink a week (or less)
  4. Posting to blog at least once a week on progress

Reaching these mini goals – Planned out in Calendar Form

I have a typical Monday-Friday work week. Working out after work is best for my schedule and then having the weekends off to spend time with my husband and not worrying about hitting the gym on my lazier days. I use for free workout guides, plans, and templates, which is also easily tracked within their app as well.

As far as meal planning, I will be planning out my daily meals once a week. Throughout all of the diets and supplement trends that I have followed, 21 day fix has worked out best for me. As far as supplements I tried (fat burners, fat loss, this and that, etc), I was up to about 20 pills a day. All to no avail. I will be sticking to Whey Protein for after workouts, BCAA’s, daily multivitamin, and CLA. These are the base simple supplement plans that I have seen throughout the successful fitness community. All of those other things are truly pointless and a waste of money in my opinion. This being said because you are supposed to be eating healthy while you are getting fit which healthy foods will easily replace any of those fat burners and things that you take and if you eat like crap while you take those, you aren’t helping anything regardless. Another thing to remember – everyone’s body is different. There certainly may be something that will work wonderful for you, that doesn’t work for me and vice versa.Research and trials is recommended to find what’s best for you and don’t get discouraged.Always keep trying and doing.

Make a calendar on an app or handwritten on a traditional calendar – making notes of each day that you are to workout, plan meals, cook the meals, cheats, etc. Then a weekly calendar for the planned out meals – which makes a shopping list easy to do when done at the same time. This is a a huge part of my process at this time.I plan to be spending more time this weekend on finalizing and posting everything that will layout my next 9 weeks, that will be starting Monday.




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