Week 5 of Challenge…FOOD!!

Week 5 challenge: Keeping my diet on point has been the hardest struggle for me. Especially after a long day, all I want is whatever is easiest – not caring what it is – along with a glass of wine. A couple weeks ago now, I took an entire week to study efficient and healthy eating habits and foods to add to any current knowledge I already had. At the end of that week, I made a daily chart with times noted on one side and literally mapped out every meal for the entire week. Not only was this already a difficult task, but I had to plan my husband’s meals as well. He’s not someone that can eat the same mundane things every day. This caused me to get very creative with the planning and finding variety in meals. Following a sort of “21 day fix” style with lists of appropriate foods and amounts, I was able to put together foods without fully counting calories. I’ve now dedicated Sunday afternoons to prepping food for the entire week. This way, no matter my energy level when I get home, all I have to do is grab the prepped food. I’m noticing changes in my body already after 2 weeks. So much easier to stick with it when it’s all ready to go. Not having my glass of wine to wind down is a sacrifice worth to get my body in shape. I’ve been trading that wine for lemon or chamomile tea in the evenings. This is what my fridge is looking like these days. 🙂 #250kchallenge @bodybuildingcom@optimumnutrition



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