Week 1, 2…3!

Currently, I am in week 3 of Bodybuilding.com’s 12 week #250kchallenge to transform my body. Week 1 I did fantastic – hit 5 days at the gym with the perfect diet all week. Then, I went on a trip that weekend and it all went to blah. Only had a couple days in town during week 2 before heading back out for round 2 of the aforementioned trip. Was able to go to the gym once and get in a great leg day, but the diet failed all week. Now in week 3, I laid off of the gym the entire week and have indulged in all of my cheesey cravings this week.This week wasn’t an entire waste, however. I’ve been getting some major research done on how I plan to crush the last of the 9 weeks of this challenge.

Each week, Bodybuilding.com offers an optional weekly challenge to participate in. This week it was “How are you crushing your obstacles?”

Here was my post on instagram for the Week 3 Challenge:


  • tiltedhalofitness  Week 3 challenge: I am crushing my obstacles by surrounding myself with positive people that continue to motivate me. #1 being my husband and best friend who is always helping to guide me to achieve my goals and never judges or discourages me from my dreams. My most important challenge to myself is portion control and I’m setting up for some major goal reaching with my new portion control plan starting next week. My arms are starting to show some definition 🙂 Can’t wait to cut that body fat! #250kchallenge@bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition

So, again, stay tuned for so much that is to come!!


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